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News March 29 2014
News March 29 2014
Posted: Mar 28, 2014
Views: 48012
Comments: 16
There is a lot been happening of recent times, and a lot that will be happening soon... read more for details...

Please fill out this survey
Please fill out this survey
Posted: Nov 22, 2013
Views: 35417
Comments: 67
I have made a survey which will help me with the running of this store and deciding on products to stock. I would appreciate it a lot if I could get as many people as possible to fill this out.

Featured Products

  • Magic Flight Launch Box Maple

    Magic Flight Launch Box Maple
    AUD $124.95
    AUD $134.95 save 7%
    including GST
  • Stink Sack 10 X Small Bags Black

    Stink Sack 10 X Small Bags Black
    AUD $9.95
    including GST
  • MYCO MZ-100 Digital Scales

    MYCO MZ-100 Digital Scales
    AUD $28.95
    including GST

  • EHLE 500ml Tube Bahaus

    EHLE 500ml Tube Bahaus
    AUD $157.95
    including GST
  • ROOR Little Sista Ice 3.2 Orange

    ROOR Little Sista Ice 3.2 Orange
    AUD $229.00
    including GST
    Qty: Out of stock
  • Pyrology Sucka Punch 18mm

    Pyrology Sucka Punch 18mm
    AUD $500.00
    including GST

  • Oil Slick Stack

    Oil Slick Stack
    AUD $28.95
    including GST
  • AROMED 4.0 Vaporizer

    AROMED 4.0 Vaporizer
    AUD $560.00
    including GST
  • Bong-Heds Mummy

    Bong-Heds Mummy
    AUD $19.95
    AUD $24.95 save 20%
    including GST

  • Kannastor Solid Top 2.5" 4pc Grinder

    Kannastor Solid Top 2.5" 4pc Grinder
    AUD $79.95
    including GST
  • Juicy Jay Cone Blueberry

    Juicy Jay Cone Blueberry
    AUD $1.79
    including GST
  • JWARE King Size 12Ppk

    JWARE King Size 12Ppk
    AUD $5.30
    including GST

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i gotta say OZBONGS are f'n awsome ordered sum stuff on a tuesday and thursday morning i got the package... they dont stuff around that is 4 sure i even got a few free items. if you like to get high and relax try the herb's out... THANKS OZ BONGS ;) definitely will be buying from u guys again.....
stormin norman
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