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Latest Titbits from Ozbongs
Latest Titbits from Ozbongs
Posted: Jan 10, 2016
Views: 9899
Comments: 10
Lots of stuff happening over the next couple of months! We are heading to La Vegas at the end of Jan to buy up some new products. We are working on the new website like crazy and have an ETA! We are also streamlining some aspects to improve productivity.

New Website Soon + Products
New Website Soon + Products
Posted: Jul 12, 2015
Views: 18941
Comments: 9
I know we have been inactive as far as posting updates here. We have for quite a long time been working with a web developer on a complete new site. After a few delays for various reason, we are now getting closer, still no ETA as functionality etc has to be thoroughly tested and listing products will be quite time consuming.

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  • 420 Australia Rolling Paper 1&1/4

    420 Australia Rolling Paper 1&1/4
    AUD $3.35
    including GST
    Qty: Out of stock
  • 420 Australia Sticker

    420 Australia Sticker
    AUD $1.70
    including GST
  • Extractech Closed Loop System 85-112gm

    Extractech Closed Loop System 85-112gm
    AUD $1530.00
    including GST
    Qty: Out of stock

  • Stink Sack 10 X Small Bags Black

    Stink Sack 10 X Small Bags Black
    AUD $9.95
    including GST
  • OZ-Extractor 40G

    OZ-Extractor 40G
    AUD $39.00
    including GST
  • Scrolleys Aussie Tips

    Scrolleys Aussie Tips
    AUD $2.99
    including GST

  • ROOR 5.0mm Icemaster Rasta Logo

    ROOR 5.0mm Icemaster Rasta Logo
    AUD $399.00
    including GST
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I have been ordering from ozbongs for only a few months, and I have been extremely impressed with their range, service and prices.
Like everyone else says the delivery is super fast and they have a great level of communication.
Unfortunately my blaze perc exploded 2 days after I received it (i guess the water here is really cold), but they were kind enough to offer me a discount on my next purchase, which of course I took advantage of. I chose Borosilicate glass this time around.
These guys know what they are doing, don't go anywhere else!
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